Passover Event

Passover is coming up very soon. It begins Sat. night, Mar. 27th, 2021.

Prior to that you can join in learning about Passover, God’s calendar, how Yeshua kept Passover, and the church’s response to Passover today!

Join in a fun virtual “Bible study and Discussion” on Thursday night, Mar. 25th, 2021. The actual study starts at 5:15pm PST but start ‘arriving’ before then. Phone / video is online at 5pm. You can join in over just a phone line, or with video using computer or tablet.

The meeting will start off with a short teaching and be followed up by a Q & A time. You can take part in the discussion afterwards or just listen in.

The leader is a Jewish follower of Yeshua. This isn’t an actual Passover celebration – just learning about the background and a bit about the celebration itself.


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