The USA used to be a country where free speech reigned. Seemingly, not any more. Now big corporations can censor even the President. (Sorry – this is a relatively long post).

Okay, now that I’ve got your attention, let’s look at what’s happening – at the root of the issue. The issue is people being blocked from saying what they want when they want.

But was this ever the case? Not really. Every culture has its rules about what can and can not be talked about. Even in the ‘olden days’ of the USA, if you talked openly about murdering a child you’d encounter a lot of difficulty. Some level of censorship has always been around and is actually good for society.

But who sets the rules as to what is good for society and what is not? We now live in a society where special interest groups (they started and are promulgating ‘political correctness’) and big corporations can decide on what is truth and what is not. Both are forms of censorship.

Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and others have started banning persons from using their platforms if the person is, in their opinion, promoting falsehood. Right now its all about ‘making sure people know the truth about Covid-19 vaccines.’ But will it stop there? Is it really about truth?

That sounds like a good cause, doesn’t it? But who is deciding what is ‘true’ and what is ‘not true’? Apparently the corporations have taken it upon themselves to do so. Unknown people in their organizations are being allowed to tell millions of people what they can and can not think! And what are they being told to think? Whatever the corporations want them to think.

I wonder if it is even allowed to discuss whether or not the AstraZeneca jab is good for people over 65? Why? Some countries allow it and some don’t, both sides citing ‘science’. And yet, when Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, or Instagram decide that the jab is okay, they can suddenly start censoring anyone that disagrees with them.

Here is a quote from Twitter’s Help Center (help.twitter.com/en/rule – general guidelines and policies) as to what grounds can be used to ban a person.

If a post promotes “The safety or efficacy of treatments or preventative measures that are not approved by health authorities…” it can be removed and the author banned.

Sounds good, but suddenly all those that hold to natural medicines and herbs could be found in violation of Twitter’s policies!

I can take just about any one of their ‘policies’ and easily extend it into broader areas such as I did in the above example. It shows that the issue isn’t actually about truth, but about the power of being able to tell millions what to think.

Why do I bring all this up? Well, besides the fact that it is a frightening precedent, it won’t stop at silencing unpopular political figures or people with concerns about the vaccine.

History has proved over and over that such movements grow unless there is an uprising of the people (Uh-oh – I used the word ‘uprising’! Am I now in danger of inciting violence?) Look at the political correctness issue. It started with just one issue, but as it became successful, political correctness started dictating what people can and can not say or do in just about every situation in life.

Truth is not the issue behind the censorship!

Why am I concerned? Because religious freedom is falling. Political correctness has already started battering at what Christians can and can not say, and soon they will be banned from social media sites if they hold to traditional values. Don’t believe me? The beginnings are already happening. Look to our learning institutions. Traditional moral values and belief in God are becoming unwanted and targeted. Look at the many law suits against various learning institutions that are currently in progress!

Soon it will be that to even name ‘Jesus’ will be considered a crime. I know this sounds extreme, but it is the logical progression of the various movements currently sweeping this country.

If, after reading this, you are thinking that such won’t happen, or that companies have the right to decide who and what to ban, or that it needs to be done because lives are at stake, then you are missing the point completely.

It will happen. Just read some recent history to see how the political correctness movement started and then progressed. The same type of thing will happen (and has already started) with this censorship.

Companies do and don’t have the right to block people based on the person’s beliefs. That is a legal battle going on in this country right now. One example is the recent case determining whether or not a small bakery has the right to refuse to make a wedding cake for a gay couple.

Lives are at stake? True, but the core issue is who decides what is truth and what is not. Do we want big companies deciding for us?

If the issue were anything but political, and it is political, there are better ways to ensure that ‘truth’ is available to all and easy to find. The IEEE organization (the group that sets communication standards that all phones and computers use) recently ran an article about how one could make a change to the operation of the internet that would make it far easier to verify the truth of an article.

But the issue isn’t truth.

Letting people decide for themselves is not wanted. Groups, corporations, and governments want power over people. It’s always been that way.

I fear for religious freedom in this country! Such forces as the special interest groups and large corporations have been battling against Christianity for several decades now, and this current trend of censorship will start battling Christianity very soon, if it hasn’t already.

Wake up! Most people in this country don’t know what it means, or what it is like, to live in a country where speech is monitored closely. I hope we don’t go that far, but we’re certainly on the road there. Inevitably, this censorship moves into religion. Why?

The apostle Paul tells us that there are spiritual forces at work, and the battle we see is only a reflection of a spiritual truth. One of those truths is that Yeshua (Jesus) is returning to judge the living and the dead. Will he find you following and obeying his word?

A spillover from the spiritual battle of people coming to know Yeshua and the subsequent freedom and peace that brings, is the battle to suppress all things Biblical.

Let your voice be heard! Pray for your country! Respect one another!

Shalom, – Yosef

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