Jesus or Yeshua: Which Name?

There is dissent in the Christian / Messianic world as to what name one should use, Jesus or Yeshua.

Throughout this site you will often see the text, “Jesus (Yeshua)” or Yeshua(Jesus).  Let me explain.

Jesus (Yeshua) was Jewish, and as such, he had a Jewish name.  A somewhat shortened, but popular form of that name is Yeshua.  The name “Jesus” is a poor transliteration of his name from Hebrew to English (though there was an intermediate step).  A better transliteration would have been Joshua, but for reasons not discussed here, “Jesus” was chosen.

There are many in the Hebrew / Messianic movement out there that would say that using the name “Jesus” is wrong based on various reasoning.  I don’t agree.  I see nowhere in scripture where such a stance is supported.  However, I prefer to use the name “Yeshua” as that was his name.   To avoid alienating people for no good reason, I also use the name “Jesus”.  Sometimes interchangeably, sometimes as “Jesus (Yeshua)”.

The point of this website is to build dialogue, acceptance, and love between those who claim to follow the one true God, the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob; the God of Yeshua (Jesus).   Those insisting that one must use one or the other pronunciation or spelling of a name are missing the point of God’s words in Deuteronomy 6:4 to 9 and Leveticus 19:18, and are judging and condemning a huge group of people.  That should not be!

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3 thoughts on “Jesus or Yeshua: Which Name?

  1. Yes I am! He is and forever will be! It grieves my heart as I read how grieved our Father is and has been! Thank goodness He made the final atonement for us through Yeshua! Still today we need to walk in a sanctified manner not only to show Him the Love, respect and Honor he deserves but also to keep our wandering feet on the narrow path

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