After a long delay I’m finally updating the site.  The CoVID-19 quarantine got me to thinking that what is needed right now is a form of contact with one another that isn’t just reading and typing.  So…

ANNOUNCING:  PHONE MEETING PLACE!  Click here for details…

The meetings are at 6:15pm (USA Pacific time), and run until 7:00pm.  After 7pm is discussion.  Join in for any part of the time or for the whole time!

Join in for:

Bible Reading / Prayer / Discussion  … Fellowship

We’ll be reading from the accounts of Yeshua’s life, and relating his life to what is written in the Tanakh (“Old Testament”).

You can call in to listen or actively join in.

One of the goals is to encourage one another to help others during this time and pray for our countries, cities, families and friends.

If you have any questions, send them to me from here…


Access to the old site is still active, though there are likely many format issues.  The site is meant to be a “safe” place where people can ask questions of, and take part in discussions about Christianity, the Hebrew Roots movement, the Messianic Movement, and Judaism, and how these relate to faith, every day life, and to one another.

Use the ‘Blogs’ menu item to view postings only from a particular category.

You can also submit questions for future chats here!