Biblical topics from Hebrew, Jewish and Christian perspectives.

This blog is about giving short, concise perspectives into the many questions that face Christians and Jews.  As time goes, I will add more in depth discussions for anyone that is interested, but the top level posts will always be short and concise.

All are welcome to comment on the posts and join in the discussions.

Ask questions!  If you are a Christian and are wondering about Hebrew roots, Judaism, or Messianic Judaism, ask!  If you are Jewish and are wondering what Christianity says or teaches, ask!  Or if you don’t belong to those groups, but still want to comment or ask, go ahead!

Several authors will be contributing to both the blog and the forums.  The authors will come from various backgrounds.  As new authors join in, they will be listed in the ‘authors’ page.

The goal of this web site is to get people to read the Bible and think about what it is saying, both within its cultural and its own context, and to live by what it says! Topics are not just biblical, but about all of life’s issues.  All blogs and discussions will be about living today per the word of the creator of all, the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.

I have found that when one lives by the Word of God, one can have joy without stress or burdens!  Life, though it can be difficult, will still be filled with peace and purpose.

– Yosef