To Vaccinate or Not To Vaccinate

Don’t get excited oen way or the other. I’m not actually addressing the question of vaccinating or not, nor am I presenting either viewpoint. Rather, I’m presenting here some arguments from both sides that are disconcerting and don’t fit in a Biblical world view. There isn’t any order to the points I address, so feel free to read any of them in any order.


I’ve read that a large Christian charity organization has come out and stated that they will not help someone who is not vaccinated. I mentioned this to a fellow follower of Yeshua/Jesus and they commented that they thought that this was okay.

So, whether or not you think society should be barring the unvaccinated from some activities or services, this attitude from a so-called Christian organization is problematic. It has, at its core, the same lack of care towards who Yeshua is and what is written in the Bible, that plagues our churches now.

When lepers came up to Yeshua, he did not turn them away. The rest of society did. They even thought that they were doing what God wanted by turning such people away. Yeshua’s love for each person broke through the taboos of society and valued each and every person.

New Technology

For over a millennia now, Christianity has feared what is new. The same fear has been mongered in regards to the CoVid vaccine, and the fact that it uses a new technology to achieve its goal.

I wish that I could give some Bible passage that was at the core of this fear but I can’t. The closest that I can come is to quote the passages in the Torah (“Old Testament”) where God tells the Israelites to not copy the ways of the nations around them. However, this applies to how they (we) were to worship and follow God. It would have to be twisted way out of context to be applied in the context of avoiding new technology.

So what is behind this fear? In my opinion it is the age-old issue of control. People want to control other people. Religions want to control masses of people. The leaders want to be seen as the ones in ultimate control (in place of God). New technology can, at times, challenge this false feeling of control.

Technology can also challenge what religion (Christianity included) has taught. When this happens, leaders speak out and condemn lest they be shown as having been wrong. Or worse, having to admit that a long held tradition was wrong.

In other words, religion wants to always be the one saying what is right and what is wrong and nothing should be allowed to challenge this preconception. To me, this sounds like the attitude that Adam and Eve had in the garden of Eden when they took of the forbidden fruit. They knew it would put them in the position of dictating what is right and what is wrong.

The End Times

Many of the mandates and restrictions that are being enforced seem to be taken directly out of the pages of the book of Revelation in the apostolic writings (“New testament”). There are several things that many Christians have taken as being the “mark of the beast,” spoken about in the book of Revelation, or as being the harbinger of the end times as spoken about in the Bible.

One example is that the book of Revelation tells us that those who have not taken the “mark of the beast” will not be able to buy or sell. We see more and more businesses requiring “proof” of vaccination to be allowed to work, get groceries, or other such things. The current reality sure seems to fit the description in the Bible.

But wait! If we are to accept this reasoning, it amounts to saying that God allows trickery to lure people away. It says that He allowed the fear and hype of the Covid virus to trick people into getting vaccinated, and once vaccinated, that they are separated from God.

Does God really allow trickery and deceit to lure people away? Of course not! Unfortunately this idea that God is a trickster and deceiver is actually rather prevalent, being at the root of a couple popular Christian teachings.

Rather, the “mark of the beast” will involve a deliberate choice of going against God and His Word. Nothing about the vaccine qualifies for this. The only examples we have in scripture are of people choosing to rebel against Him.

Aborted Baby Stem Cells

A few cell lines were started decades ago from the stem cells of a couple electively aborted babies. Drug companies use these cell lines for a variety of purposes. This is simply a statement of fact. What I find disconcerting is the argument used to discount the use of those old stem cell lines.

The argument basically states that since the abortion took place so long ago, and that the cells have replicated themselves so many times, that there isn’t any connection anymore to the original abortions.

Now, whether or not you think abortion is okay or evil, this kind of argument sets a dangerous precedent. It is basically saying that if an incident happened long enough in the past, then it is no longer of consequence. (Remember, this discussion is not about whether abortion is okay or not; but it is a discussion by Christians who hold that abortion is wrong).

I have two important questions about this precedent. First, where in the Bible is such an argument ever accepted? Second, who decides how much time is enough?

To put it a bit clearer, this argument is saying that it doesn’t matter if the Bible says something is wrong, if enough time has gone by, it is then okay.

The use of that argument justifies much ungodly behavior by our churches and Christians as they point to long held traditions as proof that something is okay. (I could give several examples here but one or all of the examples would rile people up and they’d then forget what this posting is really about).

So, to wrap up this discussion, this is a call for us to think about what we are saying and doing. Let us weigh our opinions against the Word of God, and let the Word of God prevail! And most importantly, let us love one another! There is nothing about any of the arguments going back and forth about the vaccine and Covid that should cause hate between people of God. Rather, let us aim all this energy at tackling issues God sees as more important. Issues such as people relegating the belief in God to fairy tales, and freedom of speaking of Jesus being taken away.

I had the sad realization during this Christmas season that I don’t recall seeing any religious symbology, or even a “merry Christmas” sign, at any of the churches I may have passed in my goings to and fro. What happened to Christianity’s mantra of “Jesus is the Reason for the Season!” It seems that even the churches don’t believe any more. And that is of great concern!


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