Requiem for a Saint

I recently attended the memorial service for a friend.  To summarize his life, he loved people, loved to help others, and loved God’s word, and it showed throughout his life.  Even in his old age, when problems were making it difficult for him to get around, he would go help those in need; take part in Bible studies for people in trouble (drugs, etc); and simply always be available.  I didn’t know him long, but what struck me almost immediately was his attitude of accepting people as who they were, with any and all baggage they had, and his ability to connect with just about anyone.  And he thirsted for the word of God, and was not afraid to ask questions of God, and listen to various interpretations of His word.  He lived a righteous life.

I also knew some of his darkest secrets, yet those did not define the man.  ‘Righteous’ does not mean perfect, but it does mean living one’s life with God in the forefront.  And he certainly did so.  I will always have him in mind when I think about what it truly means to walk as God wanted us to, as summarized in this verse from the Bible: “You shall love the LORD your God with all your heart; with all your soul; and with all your strength.”

When we encounter such people, or have them in our lives, we typically do not recognize all that they are.  Perhaps that is why God tells us several times that He does not see us as we see others and ourselves.  And I’m fairly certain that people like this do not want recognition.  They live as they do as it gives them joy.

So, George is now with Yeshua (Jesus), but his family is with us, grieving his loss.  Yet I hope and pray that they will take comfort in knowing that they were privileged to know this man who knew how to enjoy life and live for God through his actions.  His fruit will live on for years to come, and it will multiply.

(And I finally learned, during the memorial service, why he had an old school bus sitting in his backyard!)

  • Yosef

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