If It Feels Right, Do It

“I feel that God is okay with me considering Sunday as the Sabbath.”

I hear this type of comment many times.  The question is, is it true?

It is written that God wrote the 10 commandments in stone.   It is also written that His laws shall be written upon our hearts.  (Deuteronomy 9:10;   Deuteronomy 6:6; and other verses).  Throughout the Tanakh (“Old Testament”) God shows (and says) that we need to do things His way.  (See the story of Aaron’s sons offering unauthorized fire before God, Leviticus 10:1, or the story of Ananias and Sapphira in the Apostolic Writings (“New Testament”), Acts 5:1 to 5).

Is there anywhere in scripture where God says that we can decide whether one of His laws applies or not, and if it does, if we can apply it in our own way.  This is the same error that Adam and Eve made.  God made it very clear that they were not to eat of the fruit of the one tree, but they self justified themselves and changed, be it ever so slightly, what God said.

“Be holy for I am holy,” says the Lord God.  Be set apart.  Follow His ways and not our reinterpretations and traditions that go against Him.

If we hold to our feelings as to whether or not we need to do something His Word states, we are setting ourselves to judge God.  We are saying that we know better then He.  The excuses that I hear when this is done are amazing and varied.  But they come down to saying, “I want to do it my way.  No one should tell me otherwise.”

And the funny part is that one person will say he feels it is okay to do something one way, and another says it is okay another way.  In other words, they have a schizophrenic god!

Quit!  Return to the ways of God.  Lay down our own ways and follow Him.  His ways are not a burden.



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