There are all sorts of stories, theories, and explanations about the creation story in the first couple chapters of the book of Genesis (Bereshet).   This post is not addressing any of those.  Rather, it is about the comment God makes about making man “in His image.”  Besides, even the context of the creation story reveals that we aren’t going to understand it when we think of it from our viewpoint.  Think about it.  The story starts off with the first few ‘days’ of creation before, but not until on the fourth day are the things that mark passage of day and night, from our viewpoint, first made.  That is just food for thought.

Comments and theories abound about what “made in His image” means.  Take a look at the comment from God in context.  God is creating.  Then He rests.  He made man with the ability to choose to do the same.  We can choose to work for 6 days, and rest on the seventh, in honor of the God who made all things.  Mankind is the only creation on earth that can do this.  We can set aside the seventh day and honor the creator.

Read the story.  Genesis chapter 1 verse 1 to chapter 2 verse 2.  After that comes the story of Adam and Eve, but that is not for this post.




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