Breaking News: Kosher Slaughter Outlawed!

Okay, so that isn’t an actual headline; at least not for this country (USA).  However, this is a headline that has appeared in several different forms in different European countries in the very recent past.  In fact, kosher slaughter was just in the news in regards to Austria wanting to require Jews to register before they can purchase Kosher meat (and also requiring Muslims to register before purchasing halal meat.)

What is ‘kosher’?  The word ‘kosher’ doesn’t actually appear in the Bible.  It refers to meat that has been raised and processed in accord with all Biblical (and traditional) commands.  God gives us a list of ‘clean’ animals to eat in the Bible.  These lists form the backbone of what ‘kosher’ is.

The root of the argument against allowing ‘kosher’ meat slaughter is the actual method of killing the animal.  Kosher requires the slitting of the throat with a very sharp knife.  Most nations, however, require the animal to first be ‘stunned’, usually by firing a large metal object into the animal’s brain, and then butchering it.  Those arguing against kosher say that kosher slaughter is inhumane.  Odd; – no animal ever survives kosher slaughter, yet it can and does occur that animals survive and are still conscious after being ‘stunned’.  However, I digress from the point I want to make.

Throughout history nations have started attacking the Jews by attacking the practices of not eating pork; circumcision; and kosher slaughtering (in old times, the normal practice was to slit an animals throat, but kosher requires a certain disposal of the blood whereas the nations use the blood).  The attacks on these practices have always been harbingers of full scale antisemitism to come.

Also, in Europe, as well as in this nation, the attack against the practice of circumcision is full blown.  (I remember many years ago when my oldest son was born.  There was no synagogue around, so we asked the hospital to circumcise our son.  This was in Germany.  I remember coming to visit my wife that evening after she saw the doctor.  She was basically in tears because of the way the doctor treated her, because ‘how could she request such a barbaric procedure!’  – I must admit, after I saw how the doctors did the procedure, I actually agree – what they did was barbaric!  As opposed to our second son who was circumcised by a Mohel (professional Jewish person who does circumcisions).  It was quick, clean, and not traumatic as it was when the doctors did it.)

Why should this concern Christians?  Aside from the point that nowhere in scripture is the command to eat Biblically clean rescinded, such attacks against Judaism are only the start.  Next is the attacks on Christianity… Oh, wait, that has already started!  If you haven’t noticed such attacks in the news over the last many years, then this post won’t help you.

So, wake up all!  Attacks against the Judeo-Christian belief are in full swing and only going to get worse.  Decide what you believe (hopefully according to God’s Word) and stand up for it!  And pray for others that we may all stand with Yeshua (Jesus) when trials come.

“Look carefully then how you walk, not as unwise but as wise, making the best use of the time, because the days are evil.”  Ephesians 5:15 (ESV)

“…praying at all times in the Spirit, with all prayer and supplication.  To that end keep alert with all perseverance, making supplication for all the saints…”  Ephesians 6:18 (ESV)

And be thankful for all things, including that we live in a time where we have the Word of God; can blog about His Word; and can send help to others around the world easily.

  • Yosef


Migrant Crisis in the USA

The migrant crisis has been dominating news media for many days now.  Everyone is hollering that children should not be separated from their parents, or locked up with their parents.  This ‘crisis’ brings many hot issues together, and this posting is too short to address more then one issue.  So, does the Bible give any guidance at all about the issue of separating children of illegal migrants from their parents? 

In answering this question, two scriptures (among others) are considered.  They are:

You shall have one law for him who does anything unintentionally, for him who is native among the people of Israel and for the stranger who sojourns among them. Numbers 15:29 (ESV)


…But if you show partiality, you are committing sin and are convicted by law as transgressors.  James 2:9 (ESV)

The discussion is in the forum (click here to see the discussion; click here to sign up).

Check out the discussion and give your opinion.  Mostly, think about how a follower of God and Yeshua (Jesus) should respond to this issue.

  • Yosef

Hypocrisy from Politicians and Media

There have been two events recently that I want to comment on.  Things such as this are happening more and more frequently.  I can’t comment on them all, and as this blog has just started, I have to start somewhere.  So here goes…

The ban of incoming Muslim immigrants has been likened to the internment of Japanese citizens during WWII.  Amazingly, some people and media are keeping the two separate, as they are separate issues.  The one is banning people from entering the USA.  The other is rounding up and interring people, citizens included, that already live in the USA.  (One of the problems here is that both occurred at the same time during WWII, so some people apparently can’t separate the two issues.)  To liken the one to the other is a deliberate flaming of emotions to get a response.  It is the exact type of thing targeted by these words from God,

You shall not bear false witness against your neighbor. (Exodus 20:16 – ESV)

Whenever we deliberately twist facts to emphasize the point we want to make, it is the same as bearing false witness.  We need to watch our speech!

The other incident is in the backlash of where the Red Hen restaurant asked the White House press secretary to leave.  She was there with family members.

In the backlash a certain senator from California, a democrat, is calling for people to rise up and protest against them directly.  (Do note, however, that many other Democrats publicly disagreed with her).  Her call to protest is surprising as there are still many incidents of people being refused service for one reason or another, or people refusing to serve.  The incident of the baker refusing to make a special order wedding cake for a gay couple comes to mind.

Aside from the fact that the senator’s call for protest brings to my memory the ugly, and occasionally violent protests from Democrats against Republicans that were happening when President Trump was campaigning and shortly after he was elected, her call is screaming hypocrisy.  It is sad when such a leader in the congress and on the political stage makes such a comment.  It also brings up into light the whole question, again, as to when we, as citizens, can refuse to deal with particular people or groups based on our beliefs.  Courts have ruled several times that public companies must serve people irregardless of lifestyle.  Does this extend to ones political belief?  According to the California senator, not only does it not extend to one’s political belief, but violence is okay when going after those of the opposing political belief.

We are called to pray for, and obey, our Government.  We can protest – that is a right in this country.  But we need to be careful to not step over the line and not commit murder (which, when Yeshua (Jesus) explained, includes even calling one another names – see the sermon on the mount in Matthew chapters 5 to 7), and not bear false witness.

Believers in this country need to repent on behalf of their country and pray for peace in our country.  More then that, we need to start paying attention to both the commandments, “do not bear false witness”, and Yeshua’s words in Matthew 5:22, “whoever insults his brother will be liable to judgement.”

  • Yosef


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New Format / Restart

Hi, after being away for about a year, I am back.   I am revamping the site!  Its appearance is, hopefully, pleasant and easy to use (and is still under construction at this time).  I hope to have the site fully up and running by the end of the 2nd quarter of 2018.  If you like the site, join in the discussions and tell your friends!

The scope of the site is being broadened.  It will no longer be just me posting my ideas, but it will be a meeting place of people of varying viewpoints, where questions and discussion can take place ‘safely.’

To that end, I am adding a ‘forums’ section where any topic can be discussed.  Multiple authors will be adding posts to the blog!  If you have any suggestions, just comment to this post!

Thanks, – Yosef