Jailhouse Miracles

Okay, I spent some time in jail, and while there I clearly saw God’s care, provision, and love, as well as learned several very interesting lessons about God and life.  Here is one story, out of many, of a fun thing God did for me while in jail.

I was in jail in a medium size town where there was no synagogue.  Lots of churches though.  It was around Passover time (for you Christians out there, “Easter” is the same time of year as Passover, but Passover is one of the times appointed by God for us to observe).  One day, the guard shows up with a plate of food for me.  This was not dinner time.  This was one guard bringing a single plate of food for one inmate.  Very odd to say the least.

A bit of quick background: guards don’t generally do favors for inmates, nor do they like to give any favors.

Back to the story.  The guard asks for me and then hands me the plate of food.  As I’m taking it, and my eyes are going wider and wider, he asks, “what is this?”  I answer him, it’s matza and gefillte fish, traditional food during Passover!  He goes away wondering why he had to bring me that plate of food.  I can well imagine that that is the only time in his career that he has ever had to do that!

I offer some to others in the cell block, but no one takes me up on the offer.  They are all somewhat dumbfounded as nothing such as what just happened ever happens!  In the meantime, with thanksgiving and praise to God our Father, I enjoy the matza and gefillte fish!

I never did find out how or why I received that plate of food, but I will always be thankful when remembering just how much our God loves us!

  • anonymous

Note: though the author remains anonymous, I can verify that this story is true as I know the person.

  • Yosef

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