Phone Conference Details

The phone conference fellowship will occur each Saturday at 5:15pm to 6:15 Pacific Time (USA).

If you want to have a turn reading some of the scheduled Bible verses, call in anytime after 5:00 pm and let me (Yosef) know.


To join in, simply call:  (701) 791-9709.

There is no need for an access code.  Simply call the number.

The number is not toll free, so if your phone service does not have free long distance calling, then this call will cost you.  If you want to join in and don’t have free long distance service, and can’t afford it, email me.  I can probably arrange for a toll free number for a limited number of people.

ETIQUETTE – Prayer and Worship

Do not interrupt others.

If you have noise in the background, please mute your phone (see below).

Questions and chatting are for before or after the actual meeting.  If you want to chat with someone prior, one can join in a sub-group (same telephone call).  Instructions for doing are under the “Phone Usage Instructions” below.

Prayer is an open format.  Mostly we are praying for our countries and the people.  Mainly so that all will return to Yehovah / the LORD.  Also for all the people being hard hit by the current epidemic.

During the time, feel free to read short Bible passages or sing short songs.  Please keep things brief giving all people a chance to join in if they want to.


The phone conference is enabled by “”.  On their website you will find a list of ‘local’ access numbers for many different countries.  You will need an access code after dialing in.

Access Code: 754991


Control certain aspects of the conference from your telephone with the following keypad commands:

*6     Self Mute          Hit *6 to mute your phone.  Hit *6 again to unmute your phone.

*3     Sub Conference      Hit *3 followed by one number, 1 thru 9, to join a sub conference.   Hit *3* to go back to the main fellowship.    !!!- not available yet…


We ask that only those 18 years old or older actually join in.  I am sorry that this restriction is necessary, but please abide by it.  Thank you.