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    The Palestinians are almost continuously in the news (they have really good P.R. people!).  Lately, the “protests” at the border have taken front page, and the call of the “right to return” is loudly heard.  What is going on?

    First of all, I’m no expert on Israel or the Palestinians, but there are some glaring problems with what is going on that are easy to see once one “scratches the surface” and looks closer.  Here are some points to consider.

    • It is commonly held that the Palestinians should be allowed to return to their homelands that the Israelis drove the out from.  Is this really what happened?  Check history (and even comments made by the Arab nations around Israel at the time where Israel was declared a nation in 1948).  How many people did Israel “drive out”?  As near as historians can tell, Israel only “drove out” the people from two small villages.  The overwhelming majority of people left because the call from their Arab “brothers / cousins” (in the countries around Israel) was, “Leave now or be considered a traitor to Islam.”  If you don’t know what that meant, it means that if they didn’t leave, their own fellow Muslims would kill them as traitors.
    • What country, in its right mind, would allow a group of people to come in when that group has, as an objective, to wipe said country off the face of the map and drive its people into the sea.  Some  Palestinian groups even have this objective on some web sites, and their leaders have never denied that that is their objective.  (Well, perhaps to the US media they have, but not to other media outlets).
    • Are they really interested in the ‘right to return’, or are they using that as a cover for violence?  Consider that every offer of ‘land for peace’ that has come from Israel has been categorically rejected.  Every one of them.  Also consider that even these current protests are being used to attack Israel while the stated objective is to ‘drive them into the sea’.
    • Lastly, consider that the groups such as Hamas, which lead portions of the Palestinian people, aren’t even interested in helping their own people.  When there are problems, Israel is called in to help, and they do.  The leaders are spending huge amounts of the money given to them on weapons and concrete with which to build tunnels into Israel, instead of making a working infrastructure.

    There is more that can be said, but what do you think?  Is Israel right in keeping these people out?

    • Yosef

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