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Hebraic Bible Study- Virtual Meetings – Details

Thursday Evenings, starting March 25th, 2021, running from 5:15pm to 6:15pm PST is an informal teaching time followed by a question and answer session.  This study presents the Hebrew viewpoint of various scriptures and topics.  After each short teaching, all are invited to give questions and discuss.  Enjoy learning scripture from a Hebrew perspective!

Discover the beauty of God’s word as it presents one consistent message from Genesis to Revelation!

How to Join / More Details

The meetings start at 5:15pm Pacific Standard time.  Each meeting is limited to one hour.  However, the lines are open at 5pm, and discussion can and does continue after the official end time of 6:15pm.

If you want to have a turn reading some of the scheduled Bible verses, call in anytime after 5:00 pm and let me, Thomas, know.


There are three ways to join the meetings.

  • Audio only with your regular phone
  • via any web browser for video and audio – no need to install any application software
  • using the ‘free conference call’ app for video and audio

You can enjoy discussions and ask questions from any of the three methods.


Go to the web site  From there you can download their app or join in using your web browser only.  The meeting ID is Yeshua316.

Web Browser

To join in using only your web browser, go to the conference call website.  Select ‘join’.  Then, in somewhat smaller print, the option for joining in using only a web browser will be listed.

Some web browsers may automatically download the app anyway.  The download can be ignored and deleted.

The App

On the ‘Free Conference Call’ web site, select and download the app.  I’ve downloaded the app on several machines and have not noticed any adverse effects, nor do the Free Conference Call people misuse any information you give.  From the app, select ‘join’.

Plain Phone – Audio only:

To join in, simply call:  (701) 791-9709.

There is no need for an access code.  Simply call the number.

The number is not toll free, so if your phone service does not have free long distance calling, then this call will cost you.  If you want to join in and don’t have free long distance service, and can’t afford it, email me.  I can probably arrange for a toll free number for a limited number of people.


Control certain aspects of the conference from your telephone with the following keypad commands:

*6     Self Mute          Hit *6 to mute your phone.  Hit *6 again to unmute your phone.

Raise your hand and share your reactions digitally in meeting. Use the following codes:

Press 94 to hear the list of reactions available in meeting.

Press 941 to raise your hand.

Press 942 to show a thumbs up.

Press 943 to show a thumbs down.

Press * to remove your reaction.


The phone conference is enabled by “”.  On their website you will find a list of ‘local’ access numbers for many different countries.  You will need an access code after dialing in.  Access Code: 754991


Please do not interrupt others.

If you have noise in the background, please mute yourself.


We ask that only those 18 years old or older actually join in.  I am sorry that this restriction is necessary, but please abide by it.  Thank you.

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