Islam vs. Christianity

There is quite a lot of hype out there about how good or how bad Islam is, depending on what you are looking for.  I’m not going to add to that, but want to give a slightly different perspective on the entire situation.  If you want information on the dangers of Islam, look at sites such as J-Ms History Corner (the most recent I’ve run across) where he reblogged an article from Leo Hohman, or any other site.  There are many sites out there about Islam.

So, what is this post about?

This post is about changing our perspective on how we view, and how we respond to Islam and its growing popularity.

First, one thing surprises me.  In all the rhetoric about how violent Islam can be, and how it kills people, I never hear people mention Christianity’s past.  Not even its recent past.  Christianity has a horrible, blood thirsty past.  Much of what radical Muslims do today, Christianity did in its past.  That doesn’t make it right, but deliberately forgetting that fact is, perhaps, a bit arrogant.

One hears much about how ‘peaceful’ Islam is.  Granted, there are many Muslims who are peaceful, and there is even one sect of Islam where all adhere to a peaceful lifestyle.  Yet, the two main sects, Sunni and Shia, both persecute the other sects of Islam.  No surprise there!

Why do I bring up Christianity’s past and peaceful Islamic sects?  Because I want to point something out.  The way to guard against Islam spreading is not in understanding Islam, it is in following Yehovah (the LORD).

One of the reasons that Islam is gaining so much popularity in this country (USA) and other countries, is that Christianity has thrown out its foundation.  It no longer has a solid foundation upon which to build faith in God.  And, oddly enough (sarcastically said), people like having a foundation that seems solid, thus Islam prospers.

So, if you want to stand against Islam, return to Yehovah (the LORD) and obey His Word.  Realize that He gave us a solid foundation to live upon.  With it gone or watered down, anything can move in and take its place.

Stand up for belief in what is written in God’s word!  Don’t be ashamed to stand firm against the culture’s attack against the Bible.  God’s word stands, and has stood, for thousands of years.

Stand firm on the gospel.  That Yeshua (Jesus) came to this earth in flesh, suffered for our sake, died, and then rose again!  Giving us all the hope of eternal life after death.  Stand on this!

Don’t compromise with His Word.  If our churches would return to God’s word, and away from the foundation-less traditions they have formed, then perhaps our society would stand against all the onslaughts against it!

And thank and praise Him each day!

– Yosef

4 thoughts on “Islam vs. Christianity

      1. Actually, some commentators compare Islamic Jihad with the massacres etc of the Catholic Crusades. The Muslims outnumber the Catholics for that – although they’re far from all the atrocities Rome committed in the Middle Ages. Both pretty sick histories.

        1. There had to be a couple commentators over the centuries seeing the comparison between Christianity’s and Islam’s crusades, though I never ran across them. At least not from Christian commentators. Thanks for pointing that out. Can you give the name of one of them? I’d like to read it.

          Generally, even though the crusades are a part of Christianity’s history, they are, among most people, not known or acknowledged. But that wasn’t the only thing I was referring to. There are, unfortunately, modern examples of atrocities done “in Jesus’ name.” And I cringe when I hear people discounting the people who do such acts by saying, “well, they aren’t true Christians.” That neither removes the fact that the act was done “in Jesus’ name”, nor does it alter the premise of my blog, especially as many peace loving Muslims will say something similar about the jihadists (well, if they aren’t in danger of being killed for saying so, and it has happened a couple times).

          One of the things I take from this issue is to not condemn “in Yeshua’s (Jesus’) name.” That isn’t what He was teaching. There is coming a time for that when He will do that, but that is not my job.

          Shalom! – Yosef

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